CUSTOMER: John Henry
CITY:xxxxxxxSTATE:MA   ZIP: 01752
YEAR:1957MAKE:Volkswagen MODEL:BeetleTRIM:
LICENSE: MA 35-186 MILEAGE: unknown
VIN:1500094 BODY #: 494363 ENGINE #: 2798518
PROD. DATE: April 1957 PAINT: Diamond green metallic (L412)
General Description of Vehicle: VIN 1500094 is a 1957 Beetle Deluxe Sedan. The color is L412 Diamond Green Metallic, the interior is beige, honey brown and olive. The vehicle has recently been completely restored to original specifications and colors. There are no customization or modifications other that those mentioned below. Original mileage is unknown.
Restoration Details (for restored vehicles): VIN # was restored between 1991 and 1999 by the owner. Documentation of the restoration showing scope and accuracy were provided, some of this data is attached. This was a complete body-off restoration.

The chassis was disassembled, painted, and re-assembled. All new rubber seals, mounts and brake lines were replaced. Steel brake lines and all brake components except for drums were replaced with NOS replacements. The underside of the chassis was painted with DuPont black enamel over rust inhibiting primer. The remaining chassis components were painted with Eastwood "Chassis Black" enamel.

The body was removed for the restoration and underwent extensive front end re-construction to correct collision damage. It was stripped of all parts and media blasted to remove the original coatings. Correct NOS or used parts correct for the 1957 year were used, small rust perforations were professionally patched.. No aftermarket body panels were used. It was then painted using Spies-Hecker 2 stage urethane paint (series 293). Colors used are correct for this year and for the original manufacture of this particular vehicle. The undersurfaces of the body were sprayed with Spies-Hecker’s Stonegaurd undercoating.

All wiring was replaced.

The interior was restored using high quality materials available for this model including original German squareweave carpeting. All of the original olive green vinyl upholstery was re-used. The headliner and carpet were replaced by aftermarket products in their correct colors, beige and honey brown respectively. Interior parts metal were re-painted in their correct colors, either diamond green metallic (L412) or beige (L75).

The vehicles rims were all media blasted and painted in the correct color scheme, L412 Diamond Green and L87 Pearl White. The tires are Firestone 5.60 x 15 wide whitewalls, these are the correct tires supplied with this deluxe sedan.

Original Major Components: All major components are original except those noted below.
Replaced Major Components (specify component, source and origin):  Body:

Left front quarter panel. Wolfsburg West, Anaheim CA, NOS

Spare tire well panels, front. Donor vehicle, used, correct for year.


Interior carpet, mats and headliner. Wolfsburg West, Anaheim CA, reproduction


Engine (#2798518). School St. Garage, Acton, MA. Donor vehicle and NOS, rebuilt, correct for year
Dealer Options:  80 mph speedometer with resettable trip odometer



Modifications (excluding dealer options when new): 

"Pop out" left and right rear quarter windows. VW accessory windows for later model Beetles.

European specification headlights. VW, correct for european models.

Seat belt mounting points were added to the body and chassis, late model VW Beetle Seatbelts were added.

Specifications:  Production: 380,561 (worldwide)

Dimensions (LxWxH): 4070mm (160.2 in) x 1540mm (60.6 in) x 1500mm (59 in)

Wheelbase: 2400mm (94.5 in)

Dry weight: 780kg (1720 lbs)

Engine: 1192CC (72ci) opposed, flat 4cylinder, aircooled, 36hp

Resources Used in Restoration:  Mechanical: Wolfsburg West, Anaheim CA

West Coast Metric, Harbor City, CA

BFY, Anaheim, CA

Coker Tire, Chatanooga, TN

Drivetrain: School St. Garage, Acton, MA

Wolfsburg West, Anaheim CA

Interior: Wolfsburg West, Anaheim CA

Paint and Body: Whiting’s Auto Body, Maynard, MA

Prep Rite, Tewksbury, MA

The Eastwood Company, Malvern, PA

References (cite references used to assess completeness and correctness of this vehicle and prepare this appraisal):  "The Beetle", Keith Seume 1999 (ISBN 1-84100-135-X)

"The Oval Handbook", Rich Kimball, 1996 no ISBN

"’53 –’57 VW Beetle Shop Manual", Robert Bentley Publishing, Cambridge MA

Other notes:  The vehicle’s speedometer was removed from another VW Beetle and underwent a mechanical restoration. Because it was not this vehicle’s original instrument, it was reset to "00000".

Valuation:  The vehicle described above is appraised at: $12,000 on the open market as of the date above.

Valuation References (cite industry advertisements and sales supporting the appraisal above):  Hemmings Motor News (

Hot VWs and Dune Buggies Magazine

1999 Standard Guide to Cars and Prices, 1901-1991 (condition 1 vehicle), Lenke, Buttolph ISBN 0-87341-638-4

Attachments (Include color photos, minimum, of front and rear ¾ view, 2 shots of interior and engine bay):
  • Color photos of vehicle, 3 pages
  • Selected screen copies from the owners website "The BugShop" which chronicled the restoration of this vehicle, 30 pages
  • Copies of advertisements of Volkswagen Beetles in similar condition, various sources (noted above), 3 pages
  • Copies of receipts for parts and service

  Appraiser (print) __________________________________________________

Appraiser Signature_______________________________________________

Appraising Agency: Whiting’s Auto Body

Date of appraisal: _________________________________________________

Massachusetts appraisal license number: ____________________________

Vehicle Photographs

1957 Volkswagen Beetle, VIN 1500094

Front ¾ view

Rear ¾ view

Vehicle Photographs

1957 Volkswagen Beetle, VIN 1500094

Interior, front

Interior, rear

Vehicle Photographs

1957 Volkswagen Beetle, VIN 1500094

Engine Bay

Side View, left