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This page last modified-1/5/04

Some pages try to link you to the universe, or every site the author has ever visited. I prefer to link istes that, like mine, offer details in text and pictures on restoration of VWs.

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Esteemed VW Related Links

VW Related Businesses
See more comments about some of these businesses at the end of the "How to Find/Where to Buy Parts" article.

Links to VW Related Newsgroups

Misc. (non VW) Links
NOTE: You may feel free to e-mail me and invite me to link your site, but I try to maintain an exclusive link list. May sound selfish, but I only list sites that are offer sound restoration and or technical assistance and/or sites/businesses that I have solid, good experience with. Yes, I love people to link my site on theirs, but please don't expect me to reciprocate necessarily. I am interested however in linking sites similar to mine with aircooled VWs (any) restoration experience pictures and text. 

And.... if you would like to link my site, I have a small banner that you can use if you like:

(just right click the image and "Save as..." to copy it to your PC)

Note: I haven't been at some of these sites for a long time, they may be dead. Please e-mail me if you have problems with any of them.