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Disclaimer (It means read this part)

This gun still scares me, and I have been firing them for over 2 years and have built 2.   A big part of me says leave this alone; believing that anyone able to toilet themselves should be capable of realizing the danger in making and firing the device here. But I'll cave in and preach because these things still scares. These guns have the potential to do serious human injury and, based on what I have witnessed, very easily kill someone. It can also do some serious damage to property.

  Even before I tell you, YOU are responsible for your actions. It has always been that way, but recently the lawyers have been able to convince people that when they do something stupid, they can sometimes blame somebody else and make a lot of money. Only if they spend enough money on a good lawyer first.   You must be very careful with this gun. If you do something stupid, don't even think about blaming me. The first time you fire it, you will see the potential for damage. It still scares me today. Never point it at anyone. Loaded, unloaded, air no air. Never point it at anyone. And don't point it at anything you don't own and are willing to damage or destroy it.

And by the way, the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms (ATF) does not consider these things "Firearms" per se, several sites have letter from them scanned saying so.  Recently a stupid person I read about in the paper threatened someone with a potato gun and was arrested and charged with possession of an "Infernal Machine".  I did some reading of my state's bylaws and calling a potato gun an "Infernal Machine" is definitely a bit of a stretch.  Nonetheless, these guns are just as dangerous as real firearms, in my opinion.

You have been warned.

YOU are responsible for your own actions

Updated 8 April 2001